A Sobering Look Back — Joe Paterno’s Heinous House Of Horrors


If, like me, you scanned the crowds rioting at Penn State last night after the announcement of the firing of Joe Paterno, you may have noticed that nearly all the people there were white men. The riots were about white men not liking to be held accountable.

As a native Pennsylvanian, I never once considered attending Penn State University.

Penn State always seemed like a place full of cliquish white people recalling their glory years of making fun of the dorky kids in high school.

More progressive white people and people of color went to big city state schools like Pitt or Temple while whiter, more conservative types tended to dominate the settings of the rural, fraternity-heavy Penn State campus.

Read more from Mike Elk here.


Seems Bill Maher had it right with his comments during the finale of Real Time with Bill Maher. Blue shirts in support of those abused, white shirts in support of — Paterno??? How about just not going to the game — or canceling the game?

But no, football was deemed more important than the lives of children.

Wake up, America!

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