Glenn Beck and His Handlers are OBSESSED with Joy Behar


Glenn Beck is crying. Again.

No one likes

It seems Beck can dish it out, but he just can’t take it.

You see, via Google, I stumbled upon an article written by The Cowardly Lion on his icky little page, entitled: “Which cancelled cable news host is obsessed with Glenn?”

It’s a puff piece filled with hot air and lard (much like Beck himself) proclaiming that Behar is obsessed with the clown Fox News chose to fire.

All I did was comment on the piece, writing…

“Behar is not alone. A lot of people study Glenn Beck. He’s a medical oddity that needs to be researched so it doesn’t manifest itself again.”

Minutes after I posted my “assessment” Becks’ handlers removed said statement.

And that’s delicious. Because it simply confirms what we knew all along.

Glenn Beck — when confronted — goes crying home to mommy. He’s simply not a man, but a poor soul as fragile as glass. A martini glass, that is.

Hey, at least he’s not addicted to prescription pills. Oh, wait…

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