Is Pearl Jam the Best Band Ever? After You Read This, You May Think So!



Ben Hardy poses with the new signed guitar sent by the band to replace the stolen one. Behind him is the article capturing his late brother Josh’s visit with Pearl Jam in 1992.

Whatever your feelings are about Pearl Jam’s music (I happen to be a fan, but that’s more centered on my love for all things Eddie Vedder – so hot!), you can’t deny they put their fans first. With countless live albums, their battles with Ticketmaster, their support of the West Memphis 3 – these guys go to bat for their fans.

Now that’s even more apparent with this amazing story coming out of the Boston Herald. Now this takes some back-story so just bear with me. In 1992, 17-year-old Josh Hardy was dying of brain cancer. Through the help of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Josh was able to travel to Seattle and visit with the band. The guys in PJ even gave Josh a Fender guitar signed by the band. Okay, now fast-forward to earlier this month, when Josh’s younger brother Ben, now 34, was the victim of a robbery. After taking inventory of all the items stolen, he was horrified to realize that his most cherished possession had been taken.

Ben did, thankfully, get the guitar back, but the signatures had all been removed to make the stolen item more salable. WTF?? Somehow Pearl Jam heard about what happened, and in an incredible act of generosity, sent Ben a brand-new signed guitar!

“FedEx delivered a new guitar,” Ben Hardy told the Boston Herald, “In a note Pearl Jam said they’ve been following the story and this is what they decided to do. It’s an amazing gesture of goodwill. It exceeds expectations … They went above and beyond.”

 “It’s a blessing for our family to have all this happen. This is our Christmas story. Pearl Jam is amazing and to think that they remembered Josh after all these years is incredible.” Donna Hardy (Ben and Josh’s mother) also expressed her gratitude for the band’s gesture.

I’ve been reading all day about celebs beating each other up, buying expensive junk for their families, or posing for cameras with barely anything on. This story was just the thing I needed to restore a little of my faith in humanity!

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