Bitter, Much? Sandra Bernhard Trashes Kathy Griffin


She Works Hard for the Money: Griffin Strips Down for the Ball Drop

Okay, just going to come out with a disclaimer now that I ADORE me some Kathy Griffin, so I’m already admitting to being totally biased when I tell you about Sandra Bernhard talking shit about my favorite comedienne.  Appearing on the HD Net talk show “Naughty But Nice With Rob” Bernhard had some choice words for Griffin’s brand of biting (but funny!) celebrity commentary:

“I’ve never been a fan of Kathy Griffin… Every time she sees me, she hides. If I saw her, I would tell her to find a new angle. Just to say someone is stupid, that’s not crafting an idea. I think things through. I absorb culture and put it out in layers.”

Um… okay seriously, the last time I checked, the only thing Bernhard’s been absorbing are Roseanne residual checks.  Sorry, I know she’s done other stuff since then, so don’t get your panties twisted, I get it – she’s done stuff. But really, who the hell cares about Sandra Bernhard? What the hell has she done lately that would make her think she’s anywhere near Kathy’s league? Sorry, but Kathy Griffin is fantastic. Maybe her NYE coverage with Anderson Cooper was a little forced and manic at times, but she did strip at the ball drop – what more do you want here, people??

I get it. Griffin’s an acquired taste, but really, so is Bernhard – so instead of sounding like a catty bitch jealous of another woman’s fame, how about Ms. Bernhard just be happy that there’s another successful female in comedy? And by another, I mean Kathy Griffin and Joan Rivers, because Sandra Bernhard kind of sucks. Just saying.

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5 Comments on “Bitter, Much? Sandra Bernhard Trashes Kathy Griffin

  1.  by  Donald

    What an ignorant comment. Does she even listen to what Kathy does? She doesnt fill 3,000 seat theatres and Carnegie Hall just by calling everyone “stupid.” You don’t last for 25 years by calling everyone stupid. Sandra is playing very small clubs and 300-500 seat venues. Jealousy rears it’s ugly green head in 2012.

  2.  by  Michael Roman

    This isn’t the first time Sandra attacked Kathy. (See the 3 minute mark). It’s totally asinine that she says Kathy stole her act. Joan Rivers was there first Bernhard. (Sandra trashes Joan Rivers too, in this same Youtube clip)

    Anyway, I think Kathy is the best when she’s playing off other people. One thing Sandra is right about is, every single Kathy Griffin stand up act IS the same. But then I see her on things like Paula Deen’s cooking show, or NYE with AC and I crack up. That’s why “My Life On The D-List” was so successful. Kathy is best when she can bounce stuff off other people. Sandy is great live, but not a very nice person. I stood in line for over an hour for her book signing many moons ago (“Love, Love, and Love” – great book, btw) and I asked to take a photo of her and she said no. Just flat out no, next in line!

  3.  by  Vanessa Becknell

    My thoughts exactly – if she even bothered to listen to a Griffin set, she doesn’t call people stupid, she may call people out for being stupid, but she always has reasons for her opinions – I love her comedy act, I’ve been a fan since her first stand up special, she’s just hilarious!

  4.  by  Vanessa Becknell

    Totally agree – she’s got an amazing way of working off of others that I think goes back to her days with The Groundlings – I can totally see Sandra being mean in person, but how anyone could be mean to you, I have no idea!

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