Kelly Oxford brings the smart and the funny, NBC should be so lucky


UPDATE:  I’m having an imaginary feud with Kelly Oxford because she did not insist that her fans leave mean comments for her, here — as she requested regarding her new gig as reported by


Son Of A Bitch!!


Kelly Oxford:  Funny, smart, succinct (which comes in handy on Twitter) and beautiful.  It really isn’t fair that she’s a quadruple threat, but no one said life was fair.

Clearly, God does have favorites, even though he’s always going on about, “I love you all the same.”

No idea what I’m prattling on about?

Kelly Oxford’s brain!   I’ll just let her Tweets speak for themsevles.


I bring Oxford up today because I just read (via @ebertchicago)

NBC has bought a single-camera ensemble comedy from blogger/Twitter personality Kelly Oxford. The untitled project, which Oxford will write, centers on a divorcing couple and the wife’s overbearing sister — who try to raise their families together after the sale of their house falls through. Friends alum Ira Ungerleider is supervising the project with Universal TV-based producers Karey Burke and Todd Holland.

While this is fantastic news, the first thing I thought of is, “NBC will stifle her wit, she needs to be on Showtime.”

Minutes later, Oxford Tweeted that “NBC ordered 8 comedy pilots last night. None were mine. A few spots left and no “pass” call yet… we will see!”

Your move, Showtime.

There needs to be an intervention.  We don’t want Oxford to suffer the same fate as Chelsea Handler.

Update from Kelly Oxford: NBC did not order my show. Will be performing it with my children in a Costco parking lot near you, 8pm every Thursday night this Fall.


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