Kathy Griffin talks with Rosie O’Donnell about her issues with Bulimia


Kathy Griffin exposed herself today on The Rosie Show, but no nudity was involved.

Kathy G & Ro have a heart to heart

In the first part of a two part one-on-one with Rosie, Kathy Griffin has a sober conversation about her food issues, the childhood trauma that affects her life today, why she refuses to drink alcohol, her family dynamic, and more.

If you read Official Book Club Selection: A Memoir According to Kathy Griffin you’d already know that Griffin struggled with an eating disorder, but I believe this is the very first time she’s been so candid and real in a television interview. Kudos to Rosie for getting Griffin to drop her schtick for an hour, in what seemed more like a support group session rather than a television interview (this is a good thing).


Rosie also questions Griffin about her jibes at Lady O.

Griffin explains

“I would say absolutely that I make fun of Oprah, because of her behavior. That is funny to me that she does the ‘John Travolta,’ ” Griffin says impersonating Winfrey’s trademark bellow. “And it is those things that no matter how wonderful she is – and, of course, I see her as a human being. Sometimes, she will say something that is so over the top to me that I find it amusing in the way that I make fun of Madonna.”

Tomorrow OWN will broadcast part two of the Kathy Griffin interview. Hopefully this one-on-one situation will carry on, as Rosie seems to really be in her element in this space.

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