Rosie’s New Obsession: Chicago’s “Girl and The Goat” [VIDEO]


Rosie O’Donnell & Chef Stephanie Izard

If you’re fortunate enough to dine at Girl & The Goat, you’ll be obsessed too. It’s simply one of the best restaurants I’ve ever had the pleasure of dining at.

I’m not exactly easy to please, either, so when I say my experience at Girl & The Goat was perfection from start to finish, I really mean it.

I actually heard of G & G after Rosie talked about her experience on The Rosie Show. I literally was online seconds later, making the reservation. Girl and The Goat. Send! My chubby fingers could not type fast enough (That’s exercise, right?).

Look, if you’re in the Chicago area or plan on visiting, you’ve got to check it out. I got extremely lucky. Not only did I get a 7:15 PM reservation on short notice (someone must have canceled minutes before) but I also had the pleasure of sitting at the chef’s table. It was the perfect storm of awesome. (Special thanks to Chef Bryan, a really cool guy to chat with and watch prepare some of our favorite dishes!)

Bryan Zano Collante and Girl & The Goat guest. Photo ©


The Breads: You’ll want to start here. The Brioche with lemon butter is soooo good, warm & delicious…it just melts in your mouth and makes you feel all cozy.

Sautéed Green Beans: Do not miss this.

Have you ever tasted green beans that were made just so, so much so that you couldn’t stop thinking about them? Me either, until I tasted Chef Stephanie Izard’s creation.

Sautéed Green Beans. Photo © Antoinette Bruno

Chef Stephanie revealed her famous green bean recipe on The Rosie Show yesterday. No specific measurements were given, but if you love to cook, this shouldn’t be a big problem. And let’s face it, you may be able to duplicate the flavor, but not the experience of eating this wonder at the actual restaurant. That said, it’s fun to experiment, and you may not want to fly to Chicago to try this.


“Girl & The Goat Sautéed Green Bean Recipe”



UPDATE: THUMBS UP! — totally delish. HOWEVER, DON’T BREAK YOUR BACK TRYING TO GET SAMBAL. The idea is, you want some heat in the mix. Any chili paste will work. My personal opinion.



Check Chef Stephanie’s site for all the deets…


UPDATE #3: girl & the goat magic beans official recipe from Chef Stephanie Izard


It’s not food, it’s edible art: Pear wonton dessert. Photo ©

I went in to Girl & The Goat with the idea of, “show me what you’ve got” and, trust me, this is the way to go. We basically said, “we’ve never eaten here before, just bring us what you think we’d love.” Do this. Try stuff you’ve never had before. Think you won’t like pig face? Think again! How about braised beef tongue? Delicious! They don’t get anything wrong.

The cocktails: No matter what libation — and I tried three or four — they were liquid parties in the mouth. Scrumptious.

Tony, our waiter, anticipated our every need before we even thought of it. In fact, every single staff member was on their A-game, as if they had invited us to their home for dinner. Pride, friendliness, knowledge of their craft. You simply couldn’t ask for anything more.

Bottom line: If you’re looking for the perfect evening of luxurious yet totally unpretentious cuisine, get yourself over to G & G.


Organization mentioned on the Rosie Show: Common Threads: Educating children on the importance of nutrition, physical well-being & appreciation of cultural diversity.

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8 Comments on “Rosie’s New Obsession: Chicago’s “Girl and The Goat” [VIDEO]

  1.  by  Gary

    THANK YOU for giving out the ingredients for Ms. Izzard’s string beans! I DVR’d the show and kept going over and over what she was saying because I could not understand one word she said, which I thought was”sanbone”. Thank you for letting me know the correct ingredient is Sambal. BTW, are missing an ingredient she added, note right before she adds the sauce to the beans she has a little bowl filled with something. Then a lilltle later she mentions some of the ingredients as she adds it into the beans and one of those is Dijon (which by the color was what was I the little bowl).
    I haven’t made it yet but,tThis is what I think she used:

    Green beans by Stephanie Izzard

    1tablespoon olive oil
    Green beans
    Sliced shallots

    Sauté green beans in olive oil until cooked

    Make sauce:
    1/2 cup fish sauce
    2 tablespoons lemon juice
    1/4 cup soy sauce
    1tablespoon sambal
    1 tablespoon Dijon
    Mix together

    Pour most of sauce over string beans but save some (looked like a couple if tablespoon) to add to mayonnaise for another sauce to top when serving. Combine leftover sauce with mayo (enough mayo to end up with a pink or ivory sauce).

    Remove from stove, put in a bowl. Add mayo sauce and cashews over string beans and eat!

  2.  by  Gary

    Sorry for my mistypes, couldn’t find my reading glasses. Hopefully my post makes sense.

  3.  by  Michael Roman

    Hi Gary–Thanks for catching the Dijon! (It takes a village). I had to go to 3 stores before I found the Sambal. Of course I didn’t have the Dijon when I got back. I had honey mustard Dijon and that was going to have to do. I was not going to another store. I made it and it came out great! Munching on it now.

    P.S. The fish sauce does indeed smell awful, but all of the ingredients combined are…amazing. Go, Steph.

  4.  by  Gary

    I am in CA east of SF. Safeway has the Sambal here, it is in the Asian section, right where they keep the chili garlic sauce and Srirachi. I think Safeway owns Dominicks in your area but not sure if they have as large an Asian section as we ave here in CA. Can’t wait to make it!

  5.  by  Michael Roman

    I ended up finding the Sambal at a Korean grocery store. It was so similar to another chili paste I already had, I discovered. But when I make something for the first time I want to use the original ingredients. Frankly I think any old chili paste would work every bit as good as the Sambal.

  6.  by  Dani Archer

    Thank thank thank you Michael Roman for putting up the link to Stephanie’s official recipe for actual ingredients
    and amounts (where I always falter when cooking!!). Making this tonite!!

  7.  by  Wendy

    Here it is folks, straight from Sephanies web site! No more guessing!

    green beans
    4 fl oz. oil
    green bean dressing
    cashews (or another nut if you prefer a different one)

    green bean dressing
    yields 2 cups
    4 oz. lemon juice
    5 oz. fish sauce
    2 ½ oz. soy
    1 tablespoon dijon
    3/4 teaspoon sriracha
    1/3 oz cloves garlic
    combine lemon juice, fish sauce, soy, dijon and sriracha. transfer to blender, add garlic and emulsify with oil.
    yield: 1 cup
    1/3 cup green bean dressing (from above)
    1 cup mayonnaise
    whisk together

    1. heat a small amount of oil in a frying pan.
    2. add green beans and some sliced shallots for flavor.
    3. add enough vinaigrette to coat the green beans. let steam.
    4. add a handful or two of cashews for flavor. season with salt.
    5. transfer to serving dish & drizzle with aioli.
    6. serve hot.
    and here are some clips from my segment:

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