“[title of show]“-folk return with new musical, taking on the whole enchilada

now here this team

The team that created and starred in the acclaimed meta-musical [title of show] are returning to the stage of the Off-Broadway company that helped develop that show before its 2008 Broadway run: The Vineyard Theatre.

The new work is entitled Now. Here. This. It will run at the Vineyard March 7-April 17.

Once again, Jeff Bowen will provide the songs. This time, his librettist partner Hunter Bell has a co-writer: [title of show] performer Susan Blackwell. Bowen, Bell, and Blackwell will again be joined onstage by Heidi Blickenstaff. And [title of show] musical director (and keyboardist) Larry Presgrove will be back for the new endeavor as well.

[title of show] was famous for its self-referential content. It was a musical written by Hunter and Jeff about two guys named Hunter and Jeff who are writing a musical. With Now. Here. This., however, the team seems to have gone in the opposite direction. Instead of writing a show that is about itself, they’ve apparently written one that’s about everything.

According to the show’s ad copy, the musical “explores birds, bees, reptiles, early man, ancient civilizations, and outer space. Also, loneliness, friendship, hoarding, hiding, laughing, living and dying. And middle school. And dinosaurs.”

Yowza. Sounds like there’ll be plenty of occasion for a dream ballet or two.

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