Rosie O’Donnell has a fear of little people!


Rosie revealed one of her secrets on today’s Rosie Show. She has anxiety and fear surrounding little people.

In other news, Chelsea Handler revealed that she rescued little person Chuy from a life of porn!

Rosie needs to realize that little people are just like you and me.

See. Nothing to be afraid of.

Update: A commentator from perhaps said it best:

For crying out loud. I can’t say that I am a Rosie fan but I don’t dislike her either. I watched the link expecting to hear her say horrid things and she doesn’t. She admits that she feels badly about her feelings regarding “little people” and then she goes on to be honest about it. So what? I suppose we should be all glitter, gummy bears and sweety pie about everything?

Another member adds, “She has anxiety around little people. She didn’t say she wanted them all dead.”

In fact, I think Rosie did a good thing. She brought attention to the gentlemen Peter Dinklage mentioned in his Golden Globe speech: Martin Henderson.

Martin Henderson is a 37-year-old aspiring actor who was thrown to the ground by an assailant outside a bar in England, according to the Daily Telegraph.

The assault, allegedly inspired by a “dwarf tossing” competition, left Henderson with a fractured arm and issues with standing, he told the Telegraph. He may be permanently confined to a wheelchair.

Both Dinklage and Henderson were born with achondroplasia, a disorder that causes dwarfism.

Related: Life’s Too Short on HBO.

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11 Comments on “Rosie O’Donnell has a fear of little people!

  1.  by  Megan

    Rosie – I think this is the same clip…but you have deeply disturbed me. ..Chelsea as well. “who else is going to hire him?” – Chelsea talking about Chewie, and “I can’t grasp it” – Rosie. You make me sick. I am a little person. Don’t die now that I’ve posted on your wall. I just want you guys to be very careful about what you put out there, because this hurt, very deeply. I’ve worked my whole life EXTREMELY hard, battling through arthritis, being picked on in school, being told by school administrators I wouldn’t amount to much, and now struggling finding a good job. I had 2 hip replacements already and am getting ready for a knee replacement. I totally respect the LGBT community and support them – and I thought you were cool. This little clip has totally made me think differently now. I’ve been through way too much in my life and struggled too hard to be treated as if I’m not a “real” person and that we’re all put on this Earth for you people to make fun of. Think about this. What if you inserted perhaps someone with a disability or someone of another color instead of a little person – how much backlash would you get there? Please please please – think about what you say before you put it on the air. This was deeply hurtful, and it implies that if you have any physical ailment that you’d better stay in your house because God forbid someone see you.

  2.  by  Carolyn

    Megan, I saw that interview as well and I was shocked! I can’t believe that they were saying so many STUPID things. I thought that Rosie was smarter than that, but I guess not. Considering that she is such an advocate for gay rights, you’d think she’d be more sensitive to others. Chelsea I think was just going along with it, making jokes, but they were in such poor taste. Please don’t let their words hurt you. You should not spend one minute feeling badly about this, because they were wrong!

  3.  by  Dennis

    I am the parent of a child with dwarfism. Rosie and Chelsea’s dialog hurt a lot of people. Here is a link to some of the posts outraged LP’s and parents of LP’s put on Rosie’s Facebook Wall:

    Rosie should have thought. Dumb and insensitive. Chelsea…..well…..she’s just so completely messed up it isn’t worth the effort going into in detail. Karma’s a bitch, that’s all I have to say.

    Dennis in New Orleans

  4.  by  Lisa

    Its unfortunate that in our day and age this type of a public discussion is going on by a woman that has had to face her own life challenges. Little People being looked upon as “objects” or “children” takes this world back 2 steps with regards to diversity. I think Matt and Amy Roloff have a lot more work to do in Hollywood..Oprah, this is your this working for you?

  5.  by  suzanne

    Listening to the level of ignorance and the little snickering about little peoples shapes and to smalls make a tall? We are not a separate entity we are the same as her. Rosie being gay and overweight should be more respectful.

  6.  by  Nancy

    How would she like it if someone told her that they have conflicted feelings about her….is she a man….is she a woman? She’s GROSS! BIG MOUTH, Idiot!!!!

  7.  by  Vickie

    You would think that Rosie, being gay and overweight would know what it feels like to be looked down on and ridiculed. I can’t say I’m disappointed in her, because these are the type comments I am beginning to expect from her and Chelsea Handler. They are both vulgar, nasty talking individuals and seems to me they would stoop to any low for a laugh. I think they need to take other people’s feelings into consideration before they make such obsurd comments.

  8.  by  Molly

    I just watched the clip and I’m appalled. It’s typical of these insensitive, entitled celebrities. “Who else would give him a job”? Are you kidding me? Rosie… there is something wrong with you. I only watched the clip because I don’t watch your show and never will. I think I just developed a fear of dark haired lesbian talk show hosts named Rosie. Wonder what you had to do to get your show….

  9.  by  Margaret Bates

    Rosie should check out Little People, Big World, and by the way, Matt Roloff on Facebook, so that she can see for herself that they are just like anyone else, except they have to make accommodations for their short stature. They accomplish as much (check out The Little Couple on TBS, she’s a doctor, he’s a businessman who owns 2-3 businesses!). I think this is a deplorable showing of bigotry from one who should be seeking understanding between people of different walks of life. She has come out as a lesbian woman, and is still accepted, and how would she feel if others were put off by her for that? I think she needs to do a PSA and/or a public apology after educating herself on the phenonomon of dwarfism.

  10.  by  1866Umidget

    rosie o’donnell is afraid of little people? isn’t everybody considered little when standing next to her? as far as chelsea handler goes… we’d show her a good time… but someone would have to put us up to it!

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