“Guilt Trip” = “Buttah” for Barbra Streisand: Review / Industry info regarding L.A. screening


Mother & Son

Some are saying the title of the upcoming Streisand / Rogen film is entitled “My Mother’s Curse” — but others are saying the film has been re-titled to “Guilt Trip” (waaay better, IMO) — but whatever the case may be — is on the case.

A trusted snoop wrote in to tell us…

Barbra is wonderful in it! Even non-superfans (the people I could listen to around me) loved her performance. She is funny and warm and open and acts her ass off. But it’s all very natural and organic and believeable. She tears up and is so heartwarming—but she brings the fire in one scene where she tells off her son–and got a round of applause from the audience! Seth is good too, but his tender scenes were a little stiff, IMO. Still I think the film really works. As of now it runs about one hour and 45 minutes, but really doesn’t feel too long at all. I never read the script that was online, so I have no idea what was cut or added, but everything flowed as it should. There are tons and tons and tons of close-ups of Barbra, and she really is the star. She is in every scene. I think the music and soundtrack needs to be improved though, because there are times when the under-scoring or a song could realy heighten the drama–and it just isn’t there. I have no idea whether people will see this or not, and I think it’ll be a tough sell to anyone under 30. There were a lot of younger people at this screening, and I think they enjoyed themselves, but getting them out of their houses to see this in a theatre and pay for it will be another thing. Hopefully Barbra will do some promotion for it. I mean she is one of the Exec Producers–and if she wants to make MORE films (and get them financed)–she’s gotta prove she’s still a box office draw.

Will 'Rich Raven' make a cameo appearance? I can only hope!

WOW! Sounds great to me!

In addition to our secret source, a search for the much anticipated movie –Guilt Trip — on garnered these results…

– Barbra and Seth are very funny together and have a natural comedy rapport, like a comedy team.

– There are poignant moments in the film that make it more than just a situation comedy. The word used to describe it more than comedy was “dramedy.”

– Barbra’s performance is stellar — possibly award-worthy. She looks wonderful and has some dynamic scenes that jump off the screen.

– There was very little need to change to film based on the tests, just some editing for length and to tighten the scenes.

– Audience can expect to be entertained; it’s a funny, sweet movie. Very relatable to anyone who’s ever had a loving mother who may drive you nuts at times.

– The humor is not at all in the Fockers genre — no bathroom jokes — and unlike many of his other comedies, Seth is playing against type and is not the slob/slacker character like he was in Knocked Up or The 40-Year Old Virgin.


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