UPDATE: Nike Foamposite One “Galaxy” shoe nearing $100,000 — removed by eBay


Update: Never mind.

I honestly don’t understand why the auction was canceled. If one can sell a 10-year-old “Virgin Mary grilled cheese” sandwich for $28,000, why not a pair of brand-new shoes?

Could the shoes in question have been violently or otherwise illegally acquired? Just speculating here, obviously, but what other reason could there be? Was the entire auction a hoax?

There could be a myriad of reasons. But this nosy Parker wants to know, and I want to know now.

Don’t fret — there’s another pair being auctioned off for the bargain basement price of 20 grand and some change (at the time of this writing). The cherry on the cake? Shipping not included!

Update: The “winner” paid $99,100.00 — plus $24.99 shipping.


I can’t decide if I want to buy a house or a new pair of running shoes — because, after all, they are the same price (okay, fine, maybe a studio apartment, but still!).

Have an extra 100K laying around? If so, bid here.

By the way, the shoe’s retail price? $220 — if you’d slept outside for a week, that is.

Welcome to crazy town...

Really? Really?

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