Whitney Houston’s mom wants funeral goers to take lie detector test over “National Enquirer” death photo


Whitney Houston’s mom — Cissy Houston — reportedly wants family members who viewed the body, security personnel, Houston’s employees and people who work for the funeral home to be polygraphed after this photo appeared on the cover of the the National Enquirer.

The publisher of the “National Enquirer,” Mary Beth Wright, is defending the decision to buy the photograph for a reported $500,000. “I thought it was beautiful,” she said.

Really, Mary Beth Wright? You think an ill-gotten photo of a dead woman is “beautiful”? You have no issue with the fact that the photo is tearing an already grieving family apart?

Apparently, your definition of beautiful is very different from…the rest of the world’s.

“Cissy really wants to get to the bottom of this,” says one family source.

Carolyn Whigham, owner of the funeral home and a friend of the family said no one at the funeral home is responsible.

“We would not do that. I am very angry, just like the family,” Whigman said.

The Elvis death photo

The National Enquirer is no stranger to dishonoring the dead. The tabloid splashed an image of a dead Elvis in his open casket on the cover of their Sept. 6, 1977 issue. The ‘NE’ also published a photograph of a dead John Lennon following his death.

“When John Lennon died in 1980, the “National Enquirer” was back with more necro-journalism, featuring the slain Lennon’s final image on its front cover.”

Whoopi Goldberg’s family was a victim of The National Enquirer as well. Goldberg announced on The View this week…

“One of the strange things that the rag papers tend to do is that they tend to offer people money when they need it,” she told her fellow co-hosts. “I know this because when my dad passed away, they ran his picture on the cover of the Enquirer talking about how I wasn’t there.”

Goldberg said that an employee at the funeral home had taken the photo and later sold the picture to the National Enquirer.

One commentator on Twitter wrote of the unauthorized Whitney Houston casket photo…

“Whoever sold that photo of Whitney Houston in her coffin to the National Enquirer sold their soul in the process.”

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One Comment on “Whitney Houston’s mom wants funeral goers to take lie detector test over “National Enquirer” death photo

  1.  by  D Todd Jones

    mary beth wright and the national enquirer are both shameful and need to go away. they lack skills in journalism and ethics. and i cannot wait until mary beth WRONG and the publication she speaks for are sued for slander. get ready mary beth…your “beautiful” is about to go BANKRUPT. shame on you! i do not know how you sleep at night.

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