Note to “Singers” – Lip Sync, Get Doused

"Rapper" Jeremih - with those questionable grooming habits, can I even get surprised about the lip syncing? A chin strap?? Ugh.

So, this whole little diatribe I’m about to go off on is inspired by events that happened this past Wednesday at Clayton’s Beach Bar and Grill on South Padre Island in Texas to some rapper named Jeremih. Don’t know who Jeremih is? That’s okay, I didn’t either – I had to go look him up – and I’m here at work (blogging… but that’s beside the point let’s just go with it…) so I haven’t even been able to listen to any of his music. All I know about him is that he’s a Def Jam recording artist, and he’s worked with Ludacris. Still not ringing a bell? Have you gone to that website link and realized he sucks? He just might – again, I have no idea, and don’t worry about it – it’s not important to this article. I mean, he is, but the quality of his music isn’t – so let’s just pretend like he’s good, even if he’s not (with that silly chin-strap I’m going with NOT).

This past Wednesday, Jeremih (and before you go off about how stupid that stage name is, don’t blame Jeremih; according to Wikipedia that’s his actual name! What were his parents thinking? Other than “I’m too lazy to spell this correctly, let’s just combine Jeremy with the idea of “meh” because we’re just not thrilled enough to spell our son’s name right – my own autocorrect is rejecting the name and telling me to pick between Jeremy or Jeremiah – something his parents should’ve done, too) – sorry – too many tangents, it’s Friday, it’s the day before St. Patty’s, I’m stuck indoors, obviously I’ve got massive amounts of weekend drunken shenanigans on the brain, much like the audience at Wednesday’s show. So, on Wednesday Jeremih was “performing” in Texas, and I put “performing” in quotes because Jeremih decided he was too lazy (just like his parents were too lazy to correctly spell the name Jeremy (or Jeremiah, whatever, who knows?)) to be bothered with actually RAPPING at his show.

Jeremih decided to phone it in and lip sync – and the crowd decided they weren’t having that shiz, and started booing him, pelting him with bottles, and throwing full drinks at him. (As a side note, the lush in me cries a tear for the beer that was spilled that night.) Now these people are not only out the $30 they dropped to see this kid pretend to rap, they’re also out the money they paid for that beer – and we all know that beer at the club ain’t cheap!

The show was shut down, security promptly threw the crowd out – and Jeremih promptly ran off stage and didn’t come back. The club is refusing to refund anyone’s money, even though the show barely got past the minute mark. TMZ has the whole thing caught on tape, and it’s pretty funny actually.

Here’s what I’m wondering – why do “singers” (or rappers in this case) think it’s okay to charge people money to see them perform, and then don’t actually sing live? Because to me that’s not fair; it’s a complete and total rip-off.

Now those that don’t agree with me are going to pull the old Madonna card, or the Britney card – and say that dance-heavy artists like Madge and BritBrit can’t technically pull of singing live when they’re dancing around like desperate hyenas in spandex pants. (I saw that half-time show, I know what I’m talking about, sorry Michael, heart you though!). And I do actually get that – as someone who’s done stage stuff in the past – and Michael can back me up on this part, too being that we’re both drama-geeks – singing and dancing at the same time is really, REALLY hard. It’s almost damn near impossible – you just get way too out of breath dancing to be able to sing well. I get it – I really do. But here’s what really grinds my gears: If you can’t sing and dance at the same time, and really if you aren’t Michael Jackson, then I don’t know who else can, even Lady Gaga lip syncs her stuff – so if you can’t do both – then why are you charging your fans – in this shitty economy no less – hundreds and hundreds of dollars to come see you “live” when all you’re really doing is dancing live? Why is that fair? Not to mention – this kid Jeremih wasn’t even dancing! He was barely moving!!!! Why on earth would you need to lip sync when your act doesn’t even involve dancing? Did this kid deserve to have beer thrown at him? Of course not. But do I think these people deserve their money back for paying to see a rapper who didn’t even rap? Totally. I cry shenanigans, Clayton’s Bar & Grill! Shenanigans!!!!


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