Rosie O’Donnell repsonds to Oprah canceling her show and “hellhole” remark via all new video


Ms. Rosie O

While The Daily Beast‘s Ramin Setoodeh reported that one Rosie staffer said “It was such a fucking hellhole,” working on the show, Rosie has now released a video, uploaded by OWN on their official YouTube channel.

Rosie said Oprah treated her “with nothing but dignity and respect from day one,” adding thanks to her “top-notch staff” saying it was “not a nightmare, it’s a good thing.”

Rosie — a class act.

The Dump Truck — not so much.


As someone who’s met Rosie on various occasions, all I can say is — she is the nicest, most down-to-earth, charming celebrity I’ve ever encountered.

So, don’t believe what you read. With the exception of this, of course.


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3 Comments on “Rosie O’Donnell repsonds to Oprah canceling her show and “hellhole” remark via all new video

  1.  by  Donald

    THANKS for this Michael! I wondered why Rosie was in a “Twitter silence” today….she was getting this done. Great job with YOUR tweet getting me here too.

    Trump is a lying, misogynist loser like his friend Rush. Both so successful at marriage and with women.

  2.  by  Donald

    Hey–just watched it again and noticed Rosie’s not wearing that Tiffany’s “key” that Michelle gave her. It’s THE first time I’ve seen her without it since she returned to the air in October–on any show! I wonder what’s up?

  3.  by  Donald


    Rosie responds to “where’s you key necklace?”

    “the chain broke on st pattys day – luckily while I was asleep – so we found it thankfully …”

    THANKS Rosie for your quick (7 minutes) and honest answer.

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