Robert De Niro calls Newt Gingrich a hypocrite


At a New York event featuring First Lady Michelle Obama, De Niro joked that America is not “ready for a white first lady.”

Newt Gingrich took this as a cue to criticize the joke as a way to garner attention, playing the race card. Gingrich called the remarks inexcusable and divisive.

My guess? The Prez and First Lady had a good laugh when they got home.

“My remarks, although spoken with satirical jest, were not meant to offend or embarrass anyone — especially the first lady,” De Niro said in a statement.

Despite the fact that even Ann Romney found the joke funny, Gingrich of course, won’t back down. Why? Too busy playing with his Etch a Sketch. It’s the official toy of GOP losers.

Please Stop Apologizing says Bill Maher

“Let’s have an amnesty — from the left and the right — on every made-up, fake, totally insincere, playacted hurt, insult, slight and affront. Let’s make this Sunday the National Day of No Outrage. One day a year when you will not find some tiny thing someone did or said and pretend you can barely continue functioning until they apologize.” –Bill Maher


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