Barbra Streisand to launch 2012 tour?

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“It’s official, we’re going on tour with Barbra Streisand.” Ignatius Grove, Piero and Gianluca Barone Ginoble, the three components of the Flight Group, have given the sensational news that the Football ones during the Sunday program RaiDue conducted by Victoria Cabello. “We received the proposal to be an integral part of his American concerts, and we will also talk about us recording with her ​​own pieces.”

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“The three tenorini”, so I renamed the young singers, have joined in 2009 after participating in the talent show RaiUno “I’m leaving you a song.” Presented themselves as soloists, they are then also performed as a trio, earning it the nickname cute. In the Streisand tour, which will start in October 2012 in major U.S. arenas, The Flight of the boys will be called upon to perform in a real show built with them from the great actress. The young musicians are already known in the States thanks to a few television appearances, on all that the talent show American Idol. Their first, and so far only, album reached the tenth position on the Billboard 200.

OK, I realize the apparently word-for-word online-translation above is less than comprehensible. My Italian is pretty sketchy, but this original Italian-language reportalso seems to be suggesting that Barbra Streisand will be touring again sometime soon. Other reports have hinted that there may be some dates in Brooklyn, where it all started.

What this means for Barbra Joan’s announced film of Gypsy is unclear. Will shooting be postponed until 2013?

I wonder whether the Il Volo bambini will get their little bottoms swatted for spilling the musical beans about the tour before the Streisand camp was ready to make the big announcement.

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    Their names are Ignazio Boschetto, 17 years old, Gianluca Ginoble, also 17, & Piero Barone, 18. They are enormously talented performers with beautiful voices. I think I looked at their October, 2012 schedule a short time ago & nothing showed any shows with Barbra. However, you never know, maybe something is scheduled.

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