D’oh! Spike Lee’s Epic Twitter Fail

spike lee

"Don't blame me, it was this other guy!"

Okay – he’s getting slammed in the media right now for doing this, but I can’t take too a harsh stance on director’s Spike Lee’s horrible tweet-gaffe the other day because it was in the name of a good cause – kind of… Although the results could’ve been deadly. Okay maybe I shouldn’t go too easy on him. Just go with me on this, I ramble.

So, Lee was sent what he thought was the address of alleged child-murderer (or literal child-murderer, if you ask us) George Zimmerman, who’s been in hiding since he gunned down innocent teen Trayvon Martin in Sanford FL on February 26 of this year.

Lee did what I think any of us would’ve done had we gotten our hands on such coveted info – he posted it to the public via Twitter and sent it to his 200k+ followers. The problem? It wasn’t the correct address! It was actually the address of David and Elaine McClain, a Sanford, FL couple in their 70s, who now say they are living in fear for their lives and have moved to a hotel.

MSNBC has a great piece written by Helen A.S. Popkin that breaks this whole thing down. While I understand that Lee might’ve thought he meant well by putting (who he thought was) George Zimmerman on blast, there’s currently a $10k hit out on Zimmerman commissioned by the Black Panther Party. If someone were to have taken Lee’s tweet seriously, and that actually was Zimmerman’s address, and Zimmerman had then been killed as a result and not faced trial (which he SHOULD!! Jeez, not like the whole WORLD doesn’t think that, Florida!), wouldn’t Lee have been partly responsible?

I probably would’ve shot from the hip and done the exact same thing – but that would’ve been a horrible mistake. Zimmerman deserves to be arrested and tried in a court of law. Was that a right he allowed his victim? No – but that doesn’t make it okay to tell everyone where he lives and therefore endanger his life.

According to the WSJ, Lee has removed the tweet but is now the subject of horrible racist attacks, the worst of which he’s reposting so others can see how disgusting this whole thing is getting. I’ve been following the Trayvon Martin case since it broke, and I have to admit that the comments on some of the articles are so disgusting they’ve put me into some pretty bad bouts of depression. I get what Lee what trying to do. It was a mistake, and he removed it. But it’s just one more epic fail among about a million fails that are going on related to Trayvon. This poor child deserves justice, and celebs like Lee aren’t necessarily helping.


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