Quote of the day: “Gloria Allred would be impressed by my penis” says Donald Trump (AKA “The Dump Truck”)


Donald Trump is confident that attorney Gloria Allred would be blown away by his wrinkled cock.

My tiny cock has a Trump crest on it -- The Apprentice.

The Donald called in to TMZ Live moments ago, claiming, “I think Gloria would be very very impressed with [my penis].”

I wonder if Donald’s shriveled member is orange as well?

Yeah, we all collectively threw up in our mouths a little when we heard this news.

Donald’s genitals became a topic of contention earlier today during Gloria’s news conference with transgender beauty queen Jenna Talackova — when Gloria said, Jenna “didn’t ask Mr. Trump to prove he’s a naturally born man, or see photos of his birth, or to view his anatomy … It made no difference to her.”

I’m not sure which is a bigger gross out? The fact that The Dump Truck is talking about his package or that he ended his call with TMZ by saying “Shalom.”

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