Ted Nugent is not Romney’s only cringe-inducing endorsement


In the last few days, far-right 1970s rock figure Ted Nugent has made headlines for some anti-Barack Obama statements in which he suggested that he wishes to do the president physical harm. Nugent said that if Obama is reelected, “I will either be dead or in jail by this time next year.” The singer also made the call to “chop the heads off” folks on the Obama side.

This has raised some problems for presumptive Republican presidential candidate Mitt Rommey, as Nugent has publicly endorsed Romney for president.

The candidate has responded to Nugent’s words with a general call for civility. While he hasn’t gone so far as to chastise Nugent, Romney is likely less than thrilled that he has a guy like the “Cat Scratch Fever” singer stirring up trouble on his behalf.

Today at The Daily Beast, Ben Jacobs wrote an article in which he cited a number of other Romney-backing celebrities from whom the candidate may wish to distance himself:

–Kiss bassist Gene Simmons, who claims to have had sex with 4,600-plus women

–Performer Kid Rock, who appeared in a sex tape made in 1999 (along with a fellow rocker and a gaggle of groupies) and who was arrested in 2007 after a brawl in an Atlanta waffle restaurant

–Former presidential candidate Herman Cain, whose marital infidelities sidelined his own political aspirations

–Outspoken, penis-proud birther and publicity hound Donald Trump

On the menu for Washington Prayer Breakfasts, circa 2013?

Of course, not everyone who backs Barack Obama will necessarily help his campaign, either. Sharon Stone and the Cee Lo Green are not exactly everyone’s idea of the height of decorum. But when I try to picture a state dinner at the Romney White House, all I can see are Ted Nugent and Gene Simmons trying to look dignified while drinking chocolate milk out of martini glasses as the president explains to foreign dignitaries that the cherry trees in Washington are just the right height.

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