Barbra Streisand’s penchant for her left side is based on science [VIDEO]

Barbra Streisand

Barbra Streisand and her left side — it’s what every photographer, film director and talk show host — today at NBC must be mindful of before working with the living legend.  The diva insists that she be shot from this angle, because, as she says, it’s her feminine side — her good side.

Everyone on the right is fired.

Well, now there’s scientific proof to back it up.

New research shows that the left side of the human face is generally more appealing to others than the right side–which may help explain why portraitists tend to paint their subjects’ left profiles.

Photos showing the left sides of faces were rated more “pleasant” than those showing right sides–no matter whether the portraits were shown as taken originally or in mirror-reversed form. The researchers corroborated that finding by gauging the pupil size of the study participants’ eyes. Research has shown that gazing at pleasant or interesting images causes an increase in pupil size, whereas gazing at unpleasant images causes pupils to constrict.

“Our results suggest that posers’ left cheeks tend to exhibit a greater intensity of emotion, which observers find more aesthetically pleasing,” the researchers said in a written statement.

The moral of the story?

Streisand is always right.

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