Is Kim Kardashian wearing a “promise necklace” from Kanye West?

Kim & Khloe Kardashian Promote The Kardashian Kollection

Kim Kardashian doesn’t seem like the kind of gal to repeat looks, right?

Having just signed a new $40 million dollar TV contract with E! and considering she already had truckloads of money to burn before that, you’d think she’d be like “totally grossed out” to be seen in “same old thing” twice. I imagine Kim throwing these type of things in a recycling bin along with discarded Diet Coke cans and slightly tattered $100 bills.

Well if you thought that, too, you’d be wrong.

Could it be the ever-so-slightly rappy looking locket holds some sentimental value?

And doesn’t it just look like something West would pick out?

Kim wearing the chunky gold necklace on April 28. Photo by FameFlynet

As Kim was spotted leaving for White House Correspondents’ Dinner the other day, she was wearing the same exact chunky gold necklace she wore at the launch of ‘The Kardashian HOME Kollection’ in Chicago just last week.

Kim wearing the chunky gold necklace on April 20. Photo by for FilmMagic

What do you think? Is this another Kanye West romance clue, a wild “Murder She Wrote” speculation on my part or does Kim just really like that necklace?

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