Paul Ryan / Matthew Morrison: Glee, Glee, G.O.P.!


Most people in the Republican Party probably have little use for psychology. Too science-y, too touchy-feely, too “I’m OK, you’re OK.”

But the GOP leadership seems to have consulted somebody who knows a thing or two about subliminal messaging. In the rebuttal to President Barack Obama’s State of the Union speech this week. Paul Ryan, a congressman from Wisconsin, came across as a near dead-ringer for Matthew Morrison (Will Schuester on the immensely popular series “Glee”). Are the Repubs trying to hypnotize young voters (and soon-to-be-voters) into a more GOP-friendly frame of mind by tapping Ryan for the job?

Matthew Morrison & Paul Ryan

I’m not the first person to notice the resemblance. Nicole Allen of The Atlantic wrote about it back in August of last year. Someone else, she said at the time, had tweeted about it even earlier. Now, everyone seems to be asking: “Which twin had the Tony (nomination)? (Most people of “Glee”-viewing age won’t understand that allusion, but I couldn’t resist.)

Ryan, who sounded surprisingly like a Democrat in Tuesday’s speech (touting the idea that government rightly provides Americans with an economic safety net), has previously made pop-culture news for his strenuous P90X power workout. Ryan hasn’t spent much time flashing his reputed abs of steel for the camera, yet—but, after all, it’s been a little too nippy in Wisconsin and DC for that lately. The congressman has some catching up to do with former “South Pacific” and “Light in the Piazza” star Morrison, who has not shied away from showing off his physique.

If Ryan eventually throws his hat into a presidential race, will he include peppy a capella production numbers at his rallies? Maybe. But the first time he’s photographed making the “L” sign over his forehead, he’s finished.

By the way, the first choice for Tuesday night’s rebuttal speaker was New Jersey Governor Chis Chistie. Maybe the Republicans thought young American TV viewers have been secretly longing for the return of Tony Soprano.

8/11/12 Update: Ryan teams with Mitt Romney on the Republican ticket for the presidency. Read about it HERE.

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  3.  by  Jasper James R. Torres

    Matthew Morrison and Paul Ryan are both handsome for me.

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