McDonald’s — “Sorry your kids are morbidly obese, not our problem”


At their annual shareholder meeting Thursday…

McDonald’s investors rejected an anti-obesity proposal that would have required the corporation to assess its impact on childhood obesity, reports Reuters.

Instead, investors spent most of their time lauding the departing CEO Jim Skinner, who received a standing ovation. In a speech, Skinner said the corporation has done “more than anybody in the industry around fruits and vegetables and variety and choice.”

After shrinking the size of Kid’s Meal fries and offering apples as an alternative side dish—changes that some say are merely paying lip service while advertisements continue to target children—investors said they felt that the report would be “unnecessary and redundant.”

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Incoming CEO Don Thompson offered little hope that next year’s meeting would be any different.

We have been very responsible,” he said.


Responsible for this.

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