Is Paris Hilton wrong? Not so much


You’re like….gross

Paris Hilton has been caught on tape making homophobic and derogatory statements about gay men who have random sex with strangers even stating “most of them probably have AIDS.” reports RadarOnline, complete with the damning audio.

Here’s the thing, though. Paris is not wrong.

No, gay men aren’t disgusting. No, not all gay men have AIDS.

And if you listen to the audio carefully, you may understand that this isn’t what Hilton believes either. (Is this really happening? Am I really defending Paris Hilton for something?)

The cab driver recorded Paris and her gay pal talking about the site Grindr where gay men hook up for anonymous sex via mobile devices. (Yes, there is an app for that.)

So, given the context of the conversation, Paris was clearly saying those gay men are disgusting and those gay men are at a high risk of acquiring HIV which may lead to AIDS. And is she so wrong in her opinion? Can no one have an opinion anymore? If you’re giving and / or receiving hastily delivered fluids, there is a huge risk of something going terribly wrong. Is this news to…anyone?

Look, I’m the first person that would jump on the “Paris is a homophobic bitch bandwagon” — if it were warranted. But it’s isn’t. And even if it were true, consider the source. It’s not like Ms. Hilton was a champion of gay rights and was then caught bashing the gays. THAT would be newsworthy. And, it wasn’t Kathy Griffin or say, Cher that was caught in a private moment ridiculing gay men. No, it’s Paris Freaking Hilton saying back ally hook-ups are nasty. So what? Would this dumb story be “news” if some other random blonde was overheard saying the same thing in a cab after a night of partying?

Must we be fake-outraged by everything?

Let’s just get to the polls this November and vote! — and focus our energy where it matters. Equal rights for all.

This Hilton hiccup doesn’t matter.

It’s not even close to mattering.

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