Web’s “Walk of Shame” looks at post-tryst getaways


Sometimes you find love everlasting. But more often than not you settle for “one of those bells that now and then rings.” A casual sexual encounter is all well and good in the heat of the night. But when the morning comes, you’re likely to want to beat a hasty retreat.

Brendan Bradley

Brendan Bradley

That’s the premise of Walk of Shame, a new web series from Brendan Bradley, who previously concocted the successful Squatters series. In these short vignettes, brave soldiers on the sexual battlefield try—by the dawn’s early light— to exit the fray with their dignity intact.

Bradley says he was excited by the prospect of shooting separate vignettes in quick succession in the same location.

"Sisterhood of the Traveling Sheets"  #WalkOfShame

“Sisterhood of the Traveling Sheets” #WalkOfShame

But the real excitement started when we began filming. Since Squatters, I have been looking for a way to incorporate the traditional sitcom format on the Web. With only two days budgeted to shoot the entire series, I approached several experienced digital directors, offering them each an episode to put their stamp on. On set, I acted as showrunner, setting the tone and shape of the overall series while allowing RJ Daniel Hanna (Jeff & Ravi Fail History), America Young (Comediva), James Rhodimer (Apocalyptic Playground) and J.C. Reifenberg (Hugh’s The Force) to bring their own unique style and vision to their specific vignettes. I have to drive home that this was a huge team effort. Our crew was minimal, but each member took incredible ownership over their part of the show My producing partner, Ian Andrew Ward, even offered up his house and held a boom to bring us in under budget.

Bradley worked with some of cyber-comedy’s brightest lights, including Jimmy Wong, Triisha Paytas, Nikki Limo, Marisha Ray, Annemarie Pazmino, and Christiann Castellanos.
The first episodes of the new series just became available at
Check ’em out!

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