Donald Trump: Thick Head — Thin Skin

The Apprentice Season 3

Reality star Donald Trump is at it again. He’s pulling a “Rosie” on Jerry Seinfeld.

The orange man who claims to be running for the position of leader of the free world can dish it out but he certainly can’t take it, leading many to speculate — is Donald Trump just too mean to be president?

Lisa Lampnaelli said it all during her recent roast of “The Donald.”

The New York Post reports that comedian Jerry Seinfeld pulled out of an event benefiting the St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital that Trump’s son Eric is hosting in September because of his distaste for the billionaire businessman/TV host’s aggressive questioning of President Obama’s birth certificate and citizenship, HuffPost reports.

Trump also said he regretted going on Seinfeld’s less than successful reality show “The Marriage Ref,” calling it a failure.

Trump also called the multi-Emmy winning “The Rosie O’Donnell Show” a failure as well, when Rosie implied Trump was a “snake oil salesmen” and a financial failure, stating he once declared bankruptcy.

Trump is still going on like a fishwife about President Obama’s birth certificate, in hopes of creating a buzz for his long-running show “The Apprentice.” By Trump’s way of thinking, no one in the state of HI can ever be president, due to the manner in which they issue birth certificates. Anyone who doesn’t smell Trump’s desperate attempt for attention just isn’t thinking clearly.

Jerry Seinfeld — while still supporting Trump’s son’s charity, as well as donating 2 MM to St. Jude — didn’t want to be perceived as endorsing the bloated millionaire if he’d showed up at his son’s charity event. Who can blame him?

Trump, no one with half their wits is behind you on this birther rehash tour, including your “buddy” Barbara Walters. It seems even Walters can’t approve of Trump’s world of crazy.

And to that we say, good for her!

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