Being fearless pays at work, and in life

Being fearless pays. Just ask Arianna Huffington and company… This quote was a stand-out to me, because it’s so true. “You could ask me to do anything at work. From coffee to Xeroxing to cleaning your desk out to vacuuming. I would do anything. And people took notice of me as a hard worker.” –Giuliana […]

Kathy Griffin takes dating tips from Cher? Bakini clad Griffin frolics in South Beach with boy toy


Kathy Griffin likes ‘em young! Obviously 51 year old Kathy Griffin wants to keep her relationship with 33 year old mystery man known only as “Randy” under-wraps. The red-headed comic was spotted parading herself on Miami beach with her man, wearing nothing but a skimpy American flag bikini that can probably be seen from space […]

Bravo’s “Kathy” has a breakout star — Cole Bruns


You know him and you love him. Kathy’s production assistant who — on the first episode of Kathy — revealed that a) he’s straight and b) he used to be an America’s Next Top Model staffer. “You’re straight and your last job was on America’s Next Top Model and now you’re working here? You’re f*cked.” […]

Kathy Griffin calls Elisabeth Hasselbeck out on her buffoonery [VIDEO]


On tonight’s Kathy, Kathy Griffin slams Hasselbeck for her “Jan Brewer” attitude towards the Prez during The View interview & explains that Elisabeth is an outclassed “Survivor.” Watch the video here!

Kathy Griffin says she’d f*ck a donkey for $100,000 [VIDEO]

Have you been watching Kathy Griffin’s new Bravo show, Kathy? If not, get on it! Last night was Big Red’s 3rd episode — and her best by far. Really, really funny. Kathy kicked off last night’s show with something she should make a staple on future episodes — off-the-chain commentary on random TV shows. Well, […]

Oh baby! — Guess the famous infant


Can you guess the identity of this chubby little thing? It’s none other than…. …….. ….. … … .. . . . . . Anderson Cooper! The image is entitled “A Very Young Baby, N.Y.C. 1968″ Diane Arbus, an American photographer and writer noted for black-and-white square photographs of “deviant and marginal people (dwarfs, giants, […]

Kathy Griffin talks with Rosie O’Donnell about her issues with Bulimia


Kathy Griffin exposed herself today on The Rosie Show, but no nudity was involved. In the first part of a two part one-on-one with Rosie, Kathy Griffin has a sober conversation about her food issues, the childhood trauma that affects her life today, why she refuses to drink alcohol, her family dynamic, and more. If […]

Kathy Griffin Gets a Talk Show!


Take that, Sandra Bernhard! Bravo has just greenlit a weekly one-hour talk show starring my favorite comedienne, Kathy Griffin! I’m guessing they took our advice and got rid of the whole “D-List” thing since Kathy’s star is continuing to rise and leave other (bitter/has-been/angry-scrunch-faced) comedians in the dust (and yes I’m totally talking about Bernhard […]

Bitter, Much? Sandra Bernhard Trashes Kathy Griffin


Okay, just going to come out with a disclaimer now that I ADORE me some Kathy Griffin, so I’m already admitting to being totally biased when I tell you about Sandra Bernhard talking shit about my favorite comedienne.  Appearing on the HD Net talk show “Naughty But Nice With Rob” Bernhard had some choice words […]

Kathy Griffin Molests Paula Deen’s Gardener as Liza Minnelli looks on [Update: VIDEO!]


Paula’s Best Dishes, indeed. Liza Minnelli and Kathy Griffin visited Paula Deen’s butter-laden kitchen on the same night. As you can imagine, the gaydar was off the charts!! Liza sang, Kathy groped, and everyone was hard — in the arteries, that is. Dinner is served!

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