Chevy Chase’s new outburst includes the N word — Chase says “Sorry!”


Remember Chevy Chase? Well, the hyper-sensitive unfunny man had another one of his infamous meltdowns, this time at the expense of the cast and crew of the NBC “comedy” Community. According to Deadline, Chase “snapped and launched the tirade….using the N-Word.” Maybe Chevy Chase should do a new project with Michael Richards.

Tracy Morgan’s homophobic remarks: Can “30 Rock” viewers look beyond them?

tracy morgan

It’s like the Michael Richards incident all over again. Lovable kook shows shows a nastier side of his sensibility and suddenly puts a dark cloud over a beloved television institution. At least with Richards’ 2006 debacle involving racist remarks, Seinfeld had wrapped its original run and was dwelling in syndication-land. Even though Tracy Morgan has […]

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