Britain’s “Inbetweeners” gang: obsessed with Americana?


One of my guilty pleasures of late has been watching episodes of the British sitcom The Inbetweeners on Netflix. The series—about four awkward Sixth Form students coping with the transition into adulthood—was shown in Britain between 2008 and 2010. A feature film based on the show was released in 2011, with possible more big-screen incarnations […]

Maddow to Mitt: “You lie!”


The Rachel Maddow Show has whipped the political broth to a froth by focusing this week on the ongoing mendacity in the Mitt Romney presidential campaign. In her commentaries on Wednesday and Thursday, Maddow acknowledged that there is always some lack of truthfulness–”a certain level of sliminess”–in all political campaigns. But she held that Romney […]

Robert De Niro calls Newt Gingrich a hypocrite


At a New York event featuring First Lady Michelle Obama, De Niro joked that America is not “ready for a white first lady.” Newt Gingrich took this as a cue to criticize the joke as a way to garner attention, playing the race card. Gingrich called the remarks inexcusable and divisive. My guess? The Prez […]

“New Year’s Eve” — See it for Zac Efron & Michelle Pfeiffer — That’s about it


Zac grew up, Michelle grew old, and the combination is electric. Their wrong but oh-so-right pairing immediately reminded me of Harold and Maude (1971), but there was too little of them and too much of others. New Year’s Eve is a slice of life — or rather, a star-studded hodgepodge helmed by Garry Marshall, aiming […]

“Jackie Brown” — Ambition


Melanie: “Coughing’s good, it opens up the capillaries, you know when you cough you’re pulling air, or in this case…smoke, into parts of the lungs that don’t normally get used, and so, coughing’s good, it gets you higher…” Ordell: “You know you smoke too much of that shit, that shit’s gonna rob you of your […]

De Niro enjoys SNL, is fed up with Trump’s raging bull


He may be known as the interviewee from hell—fidgety, unforthcoming, and not particularly articulate, but Robert De Niro agreed to sit down for a public chat with NBC’s Brian Williams at the Tribeca Film Festival (which he helped found) this weekend. According to Joyce Chen of The Daily News, Williams “crossed himself” when—about five minutes […]

“Little Fockers” = Big Laughs

Little Fockers Movie

I must admit, I went into “Little Fockers” – the third installment of the Fockers franchise – with low expectations. What more could they do with these characters, I thought? It’s all about the money, they are beating this cash cow for all it’s worth. Bah humbug! I am delighted to say I was wrong […]

Your First Look At Those “Little Fockers”


Little Fockers, the third sequel to Meet The Parents will be in theaters this Christmas. Here’s your first look, courtesy of Access Hollywood. And who can resist a Mother Focker? No one, that’s who. (See- :35) It sucks to be outside the circle of trust, so set your calendars! Fun Fact: 2004′s Meet The Fockers […]

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