Tracy Morgan’s homophobic remarks: Can “30 Rock” viewers look beyond them?

tracy morgan

It’s like the Michael Richards incident all over again. Lovable kook shows shows a nastier side of his sensibility and suddenly puts a dark cloud over a beloved television institution. At least with Richards’ 2006 debacle involving racist remarks, Seinfeld had wrapped its original run and was dwelling in syndication-land. Even though Tracy Morgan has […]

Veep: The New Adventures of Old Julia


Does this new HBO series sound as though it will explore a “what if? reality—a parallel universe? You betcha! The Wrap announced today that the network has greenlit Veep, a new Julia Louis-Dreyfus series about a female U.S. vice president. Veep will begin shooting in the fall, and will air next year. Anna Chlumsky (My […]

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