Herman Cain and His Team of Lawyers’ Initiate Intimidation Tactics — Not Gonna Fly, Pizza Man!

Screen shot 2011-11-13 at 4.09.20 PM

Rachel Maddow proclaimed herself to be “shocked” by a recent, threatening comment made by Herman Cain‘s lawyer to any potential victims of sexual harassment — so shocked that she devoted the first part of her show to act out the remark in a mini-play. And this is why Rachel Maddow rocks. Visit for breaking […]

Enough with the jokes, Allred-y! — Quips as unhelpful as it was unfunny


I winced when I saw Herman Cain’s accuser Sharon Bialek flanked by high-profile attorney Gloria Allred. Damn, couldn’t Bialek have found anybody better to represent her than that perpetually outraged spotlight-grabber? Allred standing beside some poor wronged party or other—her teeth grinding, her eyes narrowed—has become such a familiar image that whenever she appears now, […]

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